Clipper blade sharpening machine of Mark'J MJ7007M18

Mark'J multi-purpose grinding machine (scissors grinding and trimmer grinding) is a new generation machine integrated multifunctional functions of grinding, polishing used for grinding scissors, trimmer grinding, clippers grinding ... Mark grinding machine ' J machine is rated with superior technology.

Scissors sharpening machine of Mark'J MJ7008S18

Mark'J professional grinding machine and called "The pinnacle of technology" with the most unique lines and techniques. Sharpen scissors without leaving scratches and ensure sharpness for scissors

Grinding stone of Shine Stone #8000

"Shine stone # 8000" with high fineness produce products through extremely sharp and standard grinding stages.

Grinding stone of Shine Stone #2000

Shine stone # 2000 is a quality grindstone used for knife sharpening, scissors sharpening, used for surface treatment of cutlery in the product finishing phase.

Clipper blade sharpening Disc Mark'J 70051MJSP1270

As a genuine distributor of Mark'J's product line, we would like to introduce our customers the genuine accessories of high-tech trimmer grinding machine with superior quality and technology.

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